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architectural details, like the triangular space left beneath a stairwell, between an arch and the ceiling, under a bridge, behind a door: The term has been adopted by many professions to indicate the re-use. "Tryghed Tillid til OverDanmark" En opgave om tryghed for nogle af de borgere, som lever med høje risiko(risikofaktorer) og udsathed. Since lego was born in Danmark it seems normal to me that kappo should also spawn out of Danmark. Things were different than I had expected.

Th of May 2008 Activist and artist John Jordan and Isa Fremeaux have visited crir in march and April as a part of a dvd and publishing project. /vanolo June 27th - July 1st May 29th - June 26th May 8th - May 22nd April 7th - May 6th 2012 Artist, born 1979 in Haarlem (The Netherlands) In her work Marijke Appelman explores all media as friction devices for philosophical and aesthetic contemplation. Support - objects, photographs, documents, reports, ideas - are wholeheartedly appreciated. How do people transmit collective ideals and values? It can be seen 6th-28th of October inside Christiania at the Gallopperiet. Corneliussen, Lars Haugaard, Hélène-Claire Jensen, Kristian Lyk-Jensen and Anders Thorsen. He has worked for the Italian Confederation of Labor (Cgil) as researcher and consultant. In a three days workshop we hack hardware, make noise, build angst-robots and program open source software.

If you are willing to participate in the project and to join the intercommunication between Christiania and Uzupis, you are heartily welcome to contact Marius anytime. Ohma is supported by the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (iserp). She is interested in the ways in which Christianites relate to space and practice forms of ecological care. Sponsors: This talk is part of the "Oral History Workshop Public Lecture Series co-sponsored by the Oral History Research Office (ohro and the Oral History Master of Arts Program (ohma). Sometimes people joined. Restoring her wall painting at the Christiania Corner Entrance nd of September - 22nd of September 2010 writing an article for "Big Issue" (homeless magazine in UK) nd of August - 1st of September 2010 Emily Weinstein is currently at work on a book. This time she is doing: She wrote last year: "self-policing AND neighbourliness IN THE freetown OF christiania -looking for stories, opinions and historical material! Enter campus at 116th Street, at either Broadway or Amsterdam.

Risikofaktorer der rør sig dynamisk i samfundet, såsom bandekonflikten, mediernes skrivelser, politikernes involvering og politiets strategi over for borgerne på Christiania. She co-directs Columbia Universitys Oral History Summer Institute. Rasmus / (which is also where to request a copy of the report - in danish) nd -8th of July In London and thanks to my MA, I have come in contact, with various journalists from all over the world. At the same time will try to lively present the real life of Christiania, with the help of the citizens and their stories in an effort to explain to the audience how does this community exactly works. Now Im looking to share those stories a bit wider with a Public Pen-Pal Project (PP-PP). This is her second visit to Christiania Click for more info: Sarah Minter deo-mexico. I really wasnt feeling very well.

Th of May - 30th of June 2011 Student of Architecture, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Moreover, i will use Lacanian approach to social and political analysis and Zizek's -who builds on the psychoanalyst thinker- theory on Utopias." th December - 2nd January 2011 Finnish Photographer. See the Site here: th of July 2007 They have been making an exhibition at Gallopperiet, press below: Desire squat resist Bethanien meets Christiania. I have started a photo journal, and it will be constantly updated during my stay in the crir: m/ m nd of January th of January 2012 Visit from Star and Shadow Cinema: Mat, Debbie, Oscar and Harriet More cooks. Her goal is to make a photographic research of today's inhabitants' lives in the freetown.

Th of August 2008 Galloperiet, Christiania,. I got really angry, and didnt even appreciate the albino deer that popped out around every corner, although thats the kind of thing that I have seen pictured on drawings of Utopia. This one (13 sq meter) was taken down from the Infohuset some years ago, and has been secured by Marianne. Christiania and the Ministry of Finance are now going through the last phase of the negotiations. Information om meditationen indgår som en del af installationen på Galloperiet. Læs abstract her, oBS: Kom i god tid, da dørene lukkes præcist. The theory on which I will base my analysis, is post-structuralism and more specifically critical discourse analysis. Is the communal meeting to be strengthened or shut down? It is her mission to both observe and become a part of various outsider, self-governing, and otherwise resistant cultures, so that her writing comes from firsthand experience.


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Th of December 2008 The two sisters; Antonia and Maja Giannoccaro have stayed with crir on two occasions in 20as a result now have produced a 83 minutes documentary about Chriatiania. Web site: Sarah Minter m/name/nm fter an appointment with Mitro from nifca we offer Vanja residency here. Falnes vil moderere sine tekster, som vil utgjøre bokens for- eller etterord. She will also show a documentary film. And although all of them follow the news I was surprised to find out that only one or of them know the story of Christiania. From Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the far north of England, they help to run the Star and Shadow Cinema, a small home to creative people and radicals and a hub for good times. My next step was to edit this material and now Im working in Christiania again in the drawings and the translation of the documentary material in order to create a wider work with the goals Ive proposed for the residency.

Mz Baltazar's Laboratory offers women space to make electronics their own and realize interactive art projects. Birthday celebrations will go on all week. Th of January 2007 Stills from "To Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest." The Exhibition opens 10th of February and run till 25th of March 2007 Nicoline van Harskamp will show a 3 part video work based on Christiania. We hereby also call for new applications and proposals for the coming year. . Deciding to follow in the old explorers footsteps I got hold of several maps of Copenhagen. Vanja is a Swedish architect from Gotemburg engaged in social perspectives of new housing areas. Of July - 16th of August 2013 I come from a country where politicians have sold the soul of all the Spanish mainly to Germany. He would like to make environmental portraits of christiania and the community living in christiania.

Learning about something while doing something else: Is there a difference between how things get done in Christiania and the places we did work before? We consider applications on a running basis, so the sooner we receive it the better Take a look at the menu above: "how to apply". I would like to research Christiania from this angle, to document the wide knowledge and alternative approach to this side of craftsmanship. Read it before your neighbours. Alessandro Coppola (Milan, 1978) obtained his phd in urban studies at University in Roma III. I put up posters for people to write on if they had any ideas of where Utopia was to be found, but the answers didnt get me far. He has ben an International Fellow in Urban Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and a research associate at Cuny in New York City. Th of July Dutch artist. 2 - 3 hours. See a short presentation here th of April  2008 For just a bit more than two weeks in January I got to live in Christianias researchers in resident apartment in Mælkebøtten and wander around Christiania and Copenhagen hearing.

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Go to Urban Pilgrims homepage Download the press release for the Christiania project st of October Cyrano has been working in a variety of social justice organizations and have been here to learn from Christiania and put these. We ask a lot of stupid tech questions and develop art projects together. Under sit tre ugers ophold på Christiania vil Evil Knievel således ikke blot udvide sit 'billedrepertoire men hele sin professions koncept. Please feel free to contact Amy at if youre interested in participating in her research on the legalization of squats in Copenhagen and NYC. Fernisering: Fredag den. Example photos Support from Kulturkontakt Nord. Christiania represents in many ways the same kind of urban project. How is it a model community, and what lessons can be learned? . Even though I spent only a short time in Christiania, I found hope and frustration there among different residents, and different visions for its future in light of the meaning of its is a fascinating place that captures the imagination. 6 Siden Biograf Seattle Wa

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Read the entire open call for 2010 here nd March 2010 Claire Robinson is a BSc student studying Photography, with the university of Surrey. Johanna, Jaro and Francesco. Jeg ønsker å dokumentere hundenes tilstedeværelse i fristaden, og deres interaksjon med hverandre, med sine eiere og med andre christianitter. It will include interviews and personal observations as well as a comparison with different autonomous spaces in Europe, such as the Occupatio in Spain, Centri Sociali in Italy and DIY squats in these respective areas. By transforming and creating new experiences based on existing norms, definitions and systems, she learns the possibilities and different facets of understanding life and the spaces between. How does the state attempt to territorially stigmatize Christiania, and how does Christiania resist allowing the state to define the terms in which Christiania will be depicted in order to tip opdeler pige sexet amirican inde nude sex the scales in favor of normalization? Henrik Busk Homepage th of October - 1st of November 2010 An investigation of the opinion of Christianites upon the City of Copenhagen planned bicycle road through Christiania. Th of November 2005 Nicoline van Harskamp will explore the idea of self-government and how this relates to self-policing, neighbourliness and social control in the freetown. If interested in a draft version of the paper, please contact by email: /vanolo th of March -5th of April 2010 How does Christiana's challenge to privatization enable certain sustainable and artistic outcomes? She came to Christiania (with her 8 year old daughter Miriam) in May/June 2010 to explore, ethnographically, the social and spatial organisation of homes and daily life in different areas of the community. .